Mauritius – The Hottest Destination in the world.

Location Bungalow Ile MAurice

Mauritius is a stunning tropical island complete with magnificent aqua lagoons and flawless beaches, well organised for tourism so furnishing tourists with everything to make their vacation| a memorable one.

There is a vast choice of top quality Mauritius Bungalow accommodation to choose from or to use the local term Bungalow Ile Maurice.

When taking a vacation in Mauritius, the main decision of the morning is being forced to choose which of the numerous beaches to rest on for the day.

It is currently the worlds most unparalleled and desired after holiday destination for families and honeymoon couples alike and offers quite a variety of world class facilities:

Mauritius holidays are notable for the sun, sand and relaxation and with a extraordinary variety of coffee bars, eating houses and night life for the more actively disposed there is something on offer to compliment each persons taste.

Whether you want the extra noise and activity of one of the party beaches, buzzing and pulsing with invitatory emotion, or a more serene and isolated scene to unwind, you will definitely find the right place to accommodate your needs.

The warm climate and hospitable island-dwellers entice visitors to return to Mauritius repeatedly and the majority of tourists do so each year.

Although close to the coast of Africa, Mauritius culture has been far more shaped by the old British colonial days than by the African culture and is clearly European in parts.

The largest amount of holidaymakers each year come from France, Southern Africa, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia and the island has also become more attractive with the Scandinavians specially during their cold winter months.

Mauritius private rentals or a Location Ile Maurice is in all probability the best, cheapest and also nicest way to vacation on the lovely island, but you have to be fast as demand outweighs supply by a long way particularly during peak seasons.

The white beaches are first class and for those that want a hot,smouldering climate a Mauritius Holiday is all about the superb beaches and the tropical sea.

The lovely coastline stretches for miles and offers up a diver's paradise to those who are thrilled to dive on its vibrant reefs and search within the guarded beautiful lagoons.

If you are big snorkelers then bring your individual equipment with you or buy on your arrival at one of the numerous beach shops.

For those wishing for only the unruffled life in paradise simply to relax on the wonderful beaches then a Location Bungalow Ile Maurice will be a really memorable experience.